Summer Leadership Camp


The ROTC Summer Leadership Camp provides high school aged students the ability to experience three days conducting military-like activities with like-minded peers, mentored by senior ROTC cadets and cadre. 


You will receive:

  • A personal leadership evaluation
  • Test of your physical abilities
  • Opportunity to see if ROTC is for you
  • Information about scholarship opportunities

Photos and Videos

You can view the photos from the 2023 Summer Camp at Photos for the 2023 Camp taken by Good Ash Studios. Code: ROTC

Video of WMU ROTC Summer Leadership Camp 2023


Aug 5, 2024

Day 1

  • Orienteering
  • Rappel Tower
  • Leader Reaction Course
  • Weapons Familiarization
  • Night Vision Goggle Training

Aug 6, Day 2

  • Physical Fitness Assessment
  • Land Navigation
  • Tactics training
  • Grenade Assault Course

Aug 7, Day 3

  • Tactical movements
  • Out brief

What is provided

The registration cost goes to meals. Lunch and dinner on day 1, three meals for day 2, and breakfast and lunch on day 3.

Lodging is provided. There will be gender specific lodging with both male and female cadre staying with the appropriate groups.

Transportation from WMU to Fort Custer is provided as well as transportation to all training events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an overnight camp? Yes, drop off is the morning of Day 1 and pick up is 2pm on Day 3. Parking passes are available for those who drive themselves.

What are the living conditions? This is a coed camp and there will be separate male and female housing. Each floor will have ROTC and cadet cadre for safety purposes. The floors are open bays with several bunk beds with wall lockers and drawers for personal belongings. There will be outlets to charge phones, etc. Each floor has its own bathroom with showers.

Where is everything taking place? You will start at the ROTC building on WMU's campus in Kalamazoo, MI. Before dinner on day one we will transport you to Fort Custer Training Center right outside of Battle Creek, MI (a 25-minute drive). Before lunch of day three, we will bring you back to Kalamazoo.

What are the age requirements? We would like the student to be starting their sophomore year of high school or older. The oldest are typically graduated high school seniors who are incoming college freshmen.

Does this commit me to the military? Absolutely not. This is just an opportunity to explore a different career path and to see if you can see yourself in this space. Regardless of your intent to be in the military, the leadership experience you will gain from this camp will be valuable in any path of life.

How to sign up?

Pre-Registration for Aug 2024 is now open. 

 Summer Camp Registration

 You can email if you have any questions.