Statistical Consulting Center

Due to staffing difficulties, the Statistical Consulting Center will be closed during the academic year 2021-22. For research collaboration, please contact the faculty member directly.

Faculty research interests: 

  • Hyun Bin Kang
    --Functional data analysis
    --Shape analysis
    --High-dimensional modeling
    --Statistical computing

  • Kevin Lee
    --Statistical analysis of network data
    --High-dimensional statistical inference
    --Graphical models
    --Data mining
  • Duy Ngo
    --Bayesian analysis
    --Time series and spectral analysis 
    --Benefit risk assessment and personalized medicine
    --Machine learning
    --Survival data analysis

  • Joshua Naranjo
    --Linear models
    --Nonparametric methods
    --Diagnostics for method selection

  • Jeff Terpstra
    --Nonparametric and robust statistics in the areas of time series analysis
    --Ordered restricted inference
    --Design of Experiments