Certificate in Applied Statistics

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in applied statistics is a program designed primarily for graduate students at Western Michigan University who are not statistics majors. Students who complete the program will be quantitatively aware and capable of doing quantitative research for their doctoral dissertations and master's theses. They will be able to properly design experiments or surveys, collect data, and perform analysis using statistical software packages such as SPSS or SAS.

Besides graduate students at WMU, the program is also available for graduates of bachelor's programs who find the pursuit of a masters degree too rigorous or time consuming. Students learn skills that can be used in business, education, health, science, government and technology fields.

Admission Requirements

Applicants are expected to have completed an introductory course in statistics.

Program Requirements

The program consists of four courses (12 or 13 credit hours):

  • Select four classes from
    • STAT 5610: Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods (three hours)
    • STAT 5630: Sample Survey Methods (three hours)
    • STAT 5650: Design of Experiments for Quality Improvement (three hours)
    • STAT 5660: Nonparametric Statistical Methods (three hours)
    • STAT 5670: Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments (four hours)
    • STAT 5680: Regression Analysis (three hours)
    • STAT 5820: Time Series Analysis (three hours)
    • STAT 5850: Applied Data Mining
    • STAT 5860: Computer Based Data Analysis
    • STAT 6620: Applied Linear Models (three hours)
    • STAT 6640: Aplied Mixed Models (three hours)
    • STAT 6800: SAS Programming (three hours)

For graduate students at WMU, one approved quantitative research course taken from their own department can be substituted in place of a course on this list. The course would count, as appropriate, for their graduate degree.


The online application is used to apply for all graduate programs.


Program outline

Once you have been admitted to the certificate program, you will need to create a program outline with the certificate advisor.