Magdalena Niewiadomska-Bugaj

Professor and Department Chair Emerita
Department of Statistics
5504 Everett Tower


Department of Statistics,
Western Michigan University,
Kalamazoo, MI 49008
E-mail :


  • Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
    Ph.D. in Statistics, 1987
    Dissertation: Data reduction in discriminant analysis.
  • Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland
    M.S. in Mathematics, 1977
    Thesis: On the problem of sequential discrimination.


  • 2020 -- present Professor Emerita, Department of Statistics, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

  • 2008 – 2020 Department Chair, Department of Statistics, WMU

  •  2006 – 2020 Professor, Department of Statistics, WMU

  •  2004 – 2021 Biostatistics Editor, Liver Transplantation

  •  2001 – 2004 Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, WMU

  •  1998 Visiting Researcher, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland (July-December)

  •  1996 -- 2001 Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

  •  1994 – 1999 Statistical Consultant to Concurrent Engineering Research Center, WVU

  •  1990 -- 1996 Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, WVU

  •  1989 – 1990 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, WVU

  •  1989 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (January-August)


  • RESEARCH INTERESTS:  general methodology, classification, categorical data, zero-inflated distributions, statistical consulting.

  • COURSES TAUGHT: Theory of Statistics I and II, Categorical Data Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics, Sample Survey Methods, Statistical Methods, Forensic Statistics, Introduction to Statistical Computing, Introductory Statistics.

Doctoral Students:

  • Guohao Zhu (2021), "Estimation of Odds Ratio in 2x2 Contingency Tables with Small Cell Counts".
  • Sanduni Palliyage (2019), "Multiple Comparisons and Homogeneity of Odds Ratios in Stratified 2x2 Contingency Tables."
  • Eunice Ampah (2018),  "Testing for Association in Stratified 2×2 Contingency Tables".
  • Robert Flikkema (2016), "Statistical Methodology for Data with Multiple Limits of Detection."
  • Ron Pimentel (2009), "Kandall's Tau and Spearman's Rho for Zero inflated Data."
  • Matthew Rosales (2009), "Robustness of Confidence Intervals for the Mean of Delta Distribution."
  • Kira Tena (2009), "Test Procedures for Equality of Two Variances in Delta Distribution."
  • Marwan Daoud (Zidan) (2007), "Extension of Two-Part Tests to Compare k Independent Populations."
  • Hend Auda (2006), "New tests of Univariate Symmetry based on the Gini Mean Difference."
  • Sauwanit Ratanaruamkarn (2006), "New estimators of a Circular Median."


Books and Book Chapters

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In Preparation or Submitted:

  • Gonzalez-Martinez, D., Roth, L., Mumford, T.R., Guan, J., Le, A., Doebele, R.C., Huang, B., Tulpule, A., Niewiadomska-Bugaj, M., Bivona, T.G., Bugaj, L.J. Oncogenic protein condensates suppress growth factor perception and modulate drug tolerance – under review.
  • Palliyage, S., Niewiadomska-Bugaj, M., Naranjo, J. Pairwise Comparisons and Homogeneity of Odds Ratios in Stratified 2x2 Contingency Tables -- in preparation
  • Ampah, E., Niewiadomska-Bugaj, M., Naranjo, J. New Test for Association in Stratified 2x2 Contingency Tables -- in preparation

Refereed Papers:

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Major Federal funding:

  • Understanding Instructor Practices and Attitudes Towards the Use of Research-Based Instructional Strategies in Introductory College Physics. NSF funded ($331,143) 2008 through 2010. CoPI.

  • Center of Excellence in Software Evolution. DOD funded ($ 2,402,876),1996 through 1999, CoPI.

  • Secure Collaboration Technology for rural Clinical Telemedicine. NLM funded ($3,750,000). 1996 through 1999. N01-LM-6-3549. CoPI on the Evaluation Task.

  • Collaboration Technology for Real-Time Treatment of Patient. NLM funded, $4,700,000. 1993-1997. N01-LM-3-3525. CoPI on the Evaluation Task


  • American Statistical Association
  • • Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • • Classification Society of North America
  • • Polish Mathematical Society