Statistics Major

Statisticians design experiments, analyze data, and interpret results. The National Science Foundation estimates that the demand for statisticians will exceed the number of graduates for at least the next ten years.

Western Michigan University's statistics major integrates mathematics and statistics coursework while emphasizing computer applications. A computer science minor is recommended.

Program Requirements

6000 level courses are only for students admitted to the Accelerated Degree Program

  • MATH 1220: Calculus I  (four hours)
  • MATH 1230: Calculus II  (four hours)
  • MATH 2300: Elementary Linear Algebra (four hours)
  • MATH 2720: Multivariate Calculus and Matrix Algebra (four hours)
  • STAT 2600: Statistics Using R  (four hours)
  • STAT 2630: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics Using R (three hours)
  • STAT 3620: Probability  (four hours)
  • One of:
    • STAT 4640: Intro to Statistical Computing (three hours)
    • STAT 6800: SAS Programming (three hours)
  • STAT 4810: Communicating Statistical Results  (three hours)
  • One of:
    •  STAT 5670: Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments (three hours)
    • STAT 6640: Design of Experiments (three hours)
  • One of:
    • STAT 5680: Regression Analysis (three hours)
    • STAT 6620: Applied Linear Models (three hours)
  • STAT 5850: Applied Data Mining (three hours)
  • STAT 5860: Computer Based Data Analysis (three hours)
  • One of the following electives:
    • STAT 5610: Applied Multivariate Statistical Methods (three hours)
    • STAT 5630: Sample Survey Methods (three hours)
    • STAT 5660: Nonparametric Statistical Methods (three hours)
    • STAT 5820: Time Series Analysis (three hours)

ADP option

The Accelerated Degree Program allows undergraduate statistics majors an opportunity to complete the requirements for the master's degree at an accelerated pace. These undergraduate students may count up to 12 (but not fewer than six) credit hours of 5000- or 6000-level courses taken during their undergraduate studies toward a master's degree in statistics. This program allows an undergraduate student majoring in statistics to complete an accelerated master's in statistics by completing 142 to 148 combined graduate and undergraduate credit hours.