Documents and Forms


Document  Description Updated
Fund 11 Protocol SA Fund 11 Protocol 06/04/2012
Fund 41 Protocol SA Fund 41 Protocol 12/12/2008
Fund 41 Timeline SA Fund 41 Timeline 08/23/2011
Request for Budget Adjustment Please contact Business Operations 12/05/2003
Fund 43 Sindecuse Protocol Fund 43 Sindecuse Protocol 10/13/2016

Financial monitoring

Document  Description Updated
Account Reconciliation Monthly Reconciliation Overview 05/05/2006
DOSA Audit Cycle SA Audit Cycle 05/22/2006
Monthly Report Template Please contact Business Operations 12/05/2003
Quarterly Report Template Please contact Business Operations  03/02/2006


Document  Description Updated
Funding Request Form Student Affairs Funding Request Form 10/06/2021 
MEG Bulk Meal/Entertainment/Gift Request - Bulk 10/25/2021
MEG Single Meal/Entertainment/Gift Request - Single 10/25/2021
RPF (Blank) Generic Request for Purchase 02/29/2012
SA Capital Project Cover Sheet SA Capital Project Cover Sheet 03/13/2012


Document  Description Updated
Fin Aid Fund Codes  GA/DA Tuition Financial Aid Fund Codes 06/14/2012
GA Banner Workflow  GA/DA Banner Workflow Manual 09/08/2015


Document  Description Updated
Waiver Photo Release Form 07/23/2019

GUIDELINES and procedures

Document  Description Updated
Authorization Protocol Project Authorization Protocol 12/05/2019
Catering Inventory Catering Business Process - Inventory 10/26/2012
Graduate Appointments Procedures for appointing graduate students 02/13/2018
Internal Transfers Internal Transfers for Non-posted Positions 01/21/2012
New Staff Hiring Process New Staff Hiring Process 03/19/2013
Requests for Financial Support Requests for Financial Support Policy 05/22/2006
SA Bus Ops Resource Manual Business Operations Resource Manual  04/06/2017
SHC Accounts Receivable SHC Business Process - Accounts Receivable 11/08/2011
SHC Inventory SHC Business Process - Inventory 11/08/2011
SHC Revenue Disbursement SHC Business Process - Revenue Disbursement 11/08/2011