Campus Compass

About Campus Compass

The Campus Compass is a regularly occurring brief survey with three to five questions designed to collect feedback from campus stakeholders. In spring, 2021, the focus is on students but future efforts could focus on feedback from faculty and staff as well. These quick pulse checks collect rapid and timely information which provide direction on areas in which students feel staff and  administrators need to focus immediate attention. 

After each survey, results are shared with Provost Bott and Vice President Anderson within a week of the implementation of each survey. They then work with their teams to develop action items. Results will also be shared with a council of students. This panel will provide guidance on questions to ask and brainstorm action items for implementation. 

Data from February’s Campus Compass 

  • 1,143 students responded 
  • 53 students said they were really struggling and would appreciate someone reaching out to them. The same students said they were really struggling with mental health and academic success. Staff from our counseling team and our student success office reached out directly to students. 
  • Of the students who responded, 
    • 58% were concerned about their financial situation
    • 72% were concerned about their academic success
    • 68% were concerned with social isolation 
    • 55% were concerned with mental health 
  • When we asked students how we could best help them navigate these concerns,
    • 30% said online modules that they can access on demand
    • 48% said email them a list of resources
    • 16% said they wanted to talk to someone one on one about their concerns

Action Items

  • For students who said they were struggling and wanted outreach, staff from our counseling team and our student success office reached out directly to students.
  • All students who requested online modules and an email with a list of resources received modules and resources specifically related to their area of concern. 
  • Staff in student affairs and academic affairs reached out directly to those who said wanted to talk one on one about their concerns.