Photo of Zac Williams
Director of the Center for Integrated Supply Management
(269) 387-6166
Photo of Alyshia Garrett
Program Manager, ISM
(269) 387-5856
Photo of Kuanchin (KC) Chen
Professor of Business Information Systems
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Photo of Sime Curkovic
Professor of Management
(269) 387-5413
Photo of Bruce Ferrin
Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-6145
Photo of Tom Kelly
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Photo of Robert Landeros
Professor of Management
(269) 387-5802
Photo of Duke Leingpibul
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-4249
Photo of Mushtaq Luqmani
Chair of the Department of Marketing
(269) 387-6085
Photo of David M. Lyth
Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
(269) 276-3368
Photo of Tom Rienzo
Faculty Specialist of Business Information Systems
(269) 387-5511
Photo of Tom Scannell
Professor of Management
(269) 387-5263
Photo of Bret Wagner
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5222
Photo of Marcel Zondag
Associate Professor of Marketing
(269) 387-5998