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Supply Chain Management Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to expand your global perspective, an important part of becoming a supply chain professional. Consider studying abroad through short-term immersion courses or semester-long programs. 

Is study abroad right for me?

Supply management is a global profession, and the best way to be successful in a global environment is to gain experience through study abroad.

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    Short course programs

    Short-term study trips are a great way for you to decide what is right for you. WMU offers many destinations that are particularly suited for supply chain management students, including Australia, Japan, Thailand, France and Germany. These are great opportunities not only to start exploring the world but also to gain a global perspective.

  • Group of business students on study abroad trip with building in the background.

    Semester programs

    There is no substitute for spending a semester studying abroad. Studying for a semester gives you an opportunity to be part of a different culture and develop a network of global friends. And, it's a great way to differentiate yourself when looking for an internship or full-time position. Finally, studying abroad costs less than most people imagine and scholarships are available.

Group of business students on study abroad trip to Thailand with elephants in the background.

Okay, let's go!


When should you study abroad? As soon as you can. The earlier you study abroad, the easier it is to fit the classes taken at a partner institution into your academic program. Also, studying abroad early in your academic career will make it easier to have one or more internship experiences before graduation.

Where should you study abroad? The Global Business Center and Haenicke Institute for Global Education at WMU offer a broad range of study abroad opportunities. If you have an interest in a foreign language, you will be able to fully develop your language ability with a semester abroad, and the Haenicke Institute has well-developed programs for any language interest.


Need help deciding?

Need help deciding?

Contact the international business faculty advisor for more information about study abroad options that suit you and your course schedule.