Multi-talented supply chain graduate publishes first book

Markita Staples, B.B.A.'04

Markita Staples holding bookMarkita Staples, a 2004 integrated supply chain management graduate of the Haworth College of Business, brings a unique, creative touch to the supply chain industry. Staples came to Western Michigan University to study flute performance. After realizing she wanted a corporate career, she made the transition to the integrated supply management major. The curriculum and staff helped Staples take her creative talents and combine them with the technical skills needed for success in the business world.   

“The faculty in the ISM program are outstanding,” says Staples. “They are completely dedicated to making the program best-in-class and supporting students. Dr. Bret Wagner was especially helpful during my time in school. He provided a ton of career guidance and went out of his way to make sure I was successful.” 

After graduating, Staples accepted a position as a purchasing analyst for Ford. Finding a passion for project-based work led her to enroll at Carnegie Mellon University to build upon her education at WMU and pursue her MBA. After graduation she worked in consulting and procurement for several years before settling in as a senior business operations manager on the creative cloud team at Adobe. 

“The biggest key to my success has been an openness to change and willingness to learn. The workplace is constantly evolving and there are so many opportunities to grow and advance,” says Staples. “I have found that the hardest obstacle is to take a chance and take on a new role, industry or project. It can be scary at first, but it can easily open so many doors.” 

One new project Staples has recently taken a chance on is becoming a children’s book author. She recently published her first book, “What Should I Do Today.” The idea stemmed from Staples never being able to find enough children’s books that included children of color for her daughters. 

“It’s very important that my daughters embrace features like their curly hair and skin color,” says Staples. “I wanted to create cute characters based on them and other babies of color that I know; thus the main characters in the book, ‘The Curly Crew,’ were born. At the same time, I want to normalize color and diversity, so that message is demonstrated in the illustrations with a story line that relates to all children.” 

Staples has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion. In fact, she cites the diversity and inclusiveness of the student body at Western as one of the main reasons she chose WMU. She looks to continue her passion in the future by writing more stories about the Curly Crew. 

“I see the Curly Crew getting into so many other everyday things,” says Staples. “I also have a vision of the Curly Crew growing up alongside my daughters and graduating to older children’s books, middle school books, teen novels and maybe even young adult fiction.” 

“What Should I Do Today” is available for purchase on Amazon.