Master of Arts in Teaching

student in class with his hand raised

The Master of Arts in Teaching—with concentrations in secondary education or teaching Chinese language and culture—is designed to develop the knowledge and skill of reflective practitioners for a variety of disciplines in a variety of educational settings.

Secondary education

Secondary education teachers are eligible for teacher certification at the middle, junior high and senior high school levels. Bachelor’s degree options are available from a select list of content area certifications. Special admission is required into the competitive master’s degree program. Students planning to become teachers can begin working with youth and teachers during their undergraduate studies through select courses or verified service experiences.

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Teaching Chinese as a second language

This program focuses on teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Candidates will earn a Michigan K-12 certificate in teaching Chinese language and culture. The program, which lasts for 20 months, includes four field experiences, culminating with a 15-week internship in a school setting.

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