2018-2019 Season

WMU Theatre, The World's A Stage, 2018-2019 Season, image of Shakespeare wearing sunglasses

"I invite you to play with us this season - to walk in someone else’s shoes, to dance with a new partner! Travel to amazing places and meet an array of wonderful people.  All the world’s a stage so spin the globe:  Africa?  We’ll be there.  England, Spain or Germany?  Stopping in this fall.  North, south, east and old west in the US?  Just get on the train.   A gunslinger, a drag queen, and a dancing Ghanaian grandma are only a few of the fabulous characters you will meet. It’s a season of adventure and play. And we’re playing hard."  - Joan Herrington, Theatre Dept. Chair

Season passes and some single tickets are on sale now! You can order your season pass by calling us at (269) 387-6222 or by sending us this form

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Almost, Maine, September 21 through October 7; graphic design featuring falling snow and mittens holding a snow ball.

Shakespeare in Love, October 5 through 14, image of Shakespeare's face with heart-shaped sunglasses

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, October 26 through November 4; graphic design featuring three glasses of Gazpacho and one empty pill bottle.

Sutton Lee Seymour is The Lady in Question, November 9 through 18; graphic design featuring a red headed woman winking.

Next Stop, Broadway starring Brenda Braxton, November 29 through December 1.

The Wolves, January 25 through February 10; graphic design featuring a female soccer player.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, February 8 through 17; graphic design featuring cowboy silhouette and cactus with sunset.

The Dancing Granny, Adapted for the Stage by Jiren Breon Holder, based on the book by Ashley Bryan, March 8 through 17; graphic with spider and a dancing woman.

Tony and Tina's Wedding, March 22 through April 7; Graphic design featuring italian flag colors and dancer silhouettes.

Guys and Dolls, April 5 though 14; graphic image with a pair of dice and city windows.