Co-stars and friends

Your castmates and classmates will become lifelong friends and future professional connections as you work and play together, onstage and off.

Set your stage with a theatre degree

As a prospective theatre student, you know craft matters as much as your need to explore and experiment as an individual. At Western, our theatre degree program allows you to work with faculty and staff to design an experience that satisfies your curiosity, advances your interests and develops you personally as well as professionally.

Get access to mainstage productions that offer experience-driven learning and engage directly with theatre, film and television professionals from around the world. What's even better? You'll receive a conservatory-style training at a public university price. Leave Kalamazoo with practical experience and tools for personal and artistic success, connected to a network of successful and generous alumni in every corner of the entertainment industry.

Pride points

Video of Western Michigan University's Department of Theatre

An academic edge that lets your artistry soar

Do you want to be an actor, arts administrator, designer, musical theatre performer, stage manager or stage technician? Then set your sights on our theatre degree program at Western! Our academic courses offer rigorous training to hone your craft and allow your artistic, intellectual and technical skills to soar. Our industry professional faculty are here to support and guide you as you pursue your goals and build your knowledge base, confidence and creativity.

Theatre season

The Department of Theatre performs the musical Pippin in Shaw Theatre. Written by Roger O. Hirson and the music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Pippin is seen in an updated circus-inspired version.

Shine on stage

WMU Theatre produces 8 mainstage productions every year, shining a spotlight on students and their craft. Stars of the shows go on to share their talent with the world onstage and on-screen.

Find resources to experience everything

Start the process to get a theatre degree at Western. From submitting an application to auditioning for WMU Theatre, we're here every step of the way.