York Arena Theatre

The Zack L. York Theatre is a 39 by 43 foot, 3-foot “black box” space that seats up to 115 patrons on moveable risers, and is equipped with a Unistrut gridiron 14 feet above the stage floor. The intimacy of the space makes it ideal for more experimental and edgy fare.

The arena is frequently used for student-directed productions, including the Footlights I and II series; acting and directing classes; and the York Arena Series, consisting of two faculty or student directed productions each season. It is also the home of New Play Project, a summer collaboration between the theatre and English departments, providing the opportunity for student actors, directors and playwrights to collaborate in creating new work.

The York Theatre uses the following equipment:

  • 24-dimmer lighting system with a Horizon control system and an inventory of 36 lighting instruments, cable, color media and accessories.
  • Stereo audio system controlled by a 10-channel analog powered mixer, compact disk player, cassette deck and speakers.
  • SFX based digital audio workstation providing 4-channel digital I/O.
  • Intercom system and infrared video stage monitor system.

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