Williams Theatre

The D. Terry Williams Theatre is a 76x82 foot “black box” space which seats up to 310 patrons on motorized telescoping seating units, and features a 42 foot high fly house extends over the main floor with a bi-directional 54-lineset double-purchase rigging system that is able to fly scenery, lighting, and soft goods. The permanent balcony has 70 fixed seats; the main floor has 8 units of 25 seats each on telescoping platforms that can be stored under the balcony area when not in use. These seating platforms can be arranged in numerous configurations including thrust, proscenium, corner, stadium, and arena. The floor is sprung to help prevent injuries.

The first gallery ring, which holds the balcony, can be used for audience seating on all four sides. The second gallery ring contains the stage manager’s control room as well as the control rooms for lighting and sound. The third gallery ring is the catwalk level.

Makeup rooms are located in the basement level. These spaces are used for productions as well as makeup classes. Dressing rooms are also located here, accommodating large casts comfortably.

The Williams Theatre uses the following equipment:

  • 288-dimmer lighting system with Stand 520i control console, distributed DMX-over-ethernet control network with wireless access point for designer’s remote and hand-held focus remote, and portable network nodes.
  • 208 conventional lighting instruments, cable, color media, and accessories.
  • Six-output-amplifier audio system controlled by a 32 channel digital audio console, digital audio tape deck, compact disk player, mini-disk player, an inventory of wired microphones, microphone stands, cable, sub-woofers and speakers.
  • SFX based digital audio workstation providing an 8-channel digital I/O audio interface.
  • Lobby page/public address system, dressing room monitor/page system, intercom system, infrared video stage monitor system and a cue light system.
  • Hearing impaired system with 4 emitters and 5 personal infrared listening devices.

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