Theatre seen from behind work table with performance on stage.

Shaw Theatre

The Laura V. Shaw Theatre is a 571-seat proscenium theatre, which serves as the mainstage for WMU Theatre and uses reserved seating for its patrons. It features a flexible proscenium, traps, traditional orchestra pit, a plaster cyclorama and a 20-lineset, double-purchase rigging system.

Productions in this space are lit using a Strand, dimmer-per-circuit lighting system controlled by a Strand Mini Palette 90. More than 300 instruments are available for use in the space.

The theatre has a 16-channel audio system, including reel-to-reel, cassette, and DAT tape decks and four independent amplifier channels. The system also includes wireless body mics and can be arranged in a variety of configurations making it versatile for amplifying singers and actors or producing recorded music or sound effects.

Makeup rooms are located in the basement level of Shaw Theatre. These spaces are used for productions as well as makeup classes. Dressing rooms are also located here, which are equipped with showers and lockers, and accommodate large casts comfortably.

The Shaw Theatre uses the following equipment:

  • 235-dimmer lighting system with Stand 520i control console, distributed DMX-over-ethernet control network with wireless access point for designer’s remote and hand-held focus remote, and portable network nodes.
  • 365 conventional lighting instruments, two follow spots, cable, color media and accessories.
  • 10 Vari-Lite automated fixtures.
  • 10-output-amplifier audio system controlled by a 48 channel digital audio console, digital audio tape deck, compact disk player, mini-disk player, an inventory of wired microphones, microphone stands, cable, sub-woofers and speakers.
  • SFX based digital audio workstation providing a 16-channel digital I/O audio interface.
  • 20 wireless lavaliere microphone systems and four wireless hand-held microphones.
  • Intercom system, infrared video stage monitor system, cue light system, dressing room monitor/page system, three fog machines, two hazers, two dry ice fog system, and one 3,200-lumen digital projector with two lenses and assorted projection screens.
  • Infrared hearing impaired system with four emitters and fifteen personal infrared listening devices.

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