Music Theatre Performance Certificate

Music Theatre Performance Certificate Program

Discover WMU's new Music Theatre Performance Certificate program. Tailored for non-music theatre majors, this 15 credit-hour program unfolds across two summer semesters (May and June), combining in-person studio sessions with one online class.

The program has open enrollment and is available for ages 16-116! Classes are also available to take independent of the certificate.

The program offers a practical path to explore and enjoy Music Theatre Performance, providing a solid foundation for your individual needs.

Benefit from a well-rounded curriculum that includes acting, dance, voice, performance analysis, and a music theatre performance workshop. The program will help students apply music theatre skills to related majors, as well as provide continuing education for all students with an interest in performance.


Application Process

The MTP Certificate program is intended for students who have a passion for musical theatre.   Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.  Potential students can expect to hear a response within a month of their application.

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Curriculum (15 hours)

15 hours of foundational and core courses focus on required skills:
  • Technical singing and repertory
  • Technical jazz dance and styles
  • Acting
  • Performance in music theatre uniting all above disciplines
  • Analysis of professional performance
This program is completed over 2 summer terms.
Summer 1:

Vocal Tech Ensemble (2 credit hours)

Music Theatre Dance Introduction (2 credit hours)

Acting for Musical Text (2 credit hours)

Music Theatre Performance Analysis (1 credit hour)

Summer 2:

Vocal Styles (2 credit hours)

MTP Workshop for Certificate (3 credit hours)

Music Theatre Dance Styles (2 credit hours)