New Project (TRCLC 15-8)

TRCLC 15-8: Community-Aware Charging Station Network Design for Electrified Vehicles in Urban Areas:  Reducing Congestion, Emissions, Improving Accessibility and Promoting Walking, Bicycling and Use of Public Transportation

PI: Ratna Babu Chinnam, Wayne State University


The PIs of this research proposal, along with their strong collaborators (Ford, SEMTOC, SEMCOG, HERE - formerly known as NAVTEQ whose maps power 4 out of 5 in-car navigation systems in North America and Europe, and, are perfectly positioned to pursue the objectives of this proposal, squarely aligned with the core mission of the TRCLC. Of particular significance is our close research collaboration with the vehicle electrification group at Ford, responsible for monitoring and control algorithms for all their hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and pure battery electric vehicles. SEMCOG supports local planning through its technical, data, and intergovernmental resources and partially seeks to make the transportation system safe/efficient, revitalize communities, and spur economic development. In what follows, we describe the project’s Research Background, Goals, Proposed Research Methodology, Expected Outcomes and Educational Benefits, and Relevance to TRCLC.