Affiliated Researchers

University of Texas, Arlington

Stephen P. Mattingly
Civil Engineering
Research interests: Decision and risk analysis, transportation planning, sustainability, operations research/logistics, intelligent transportation systems, institutional studies and analysis

Sia Ardekani
Civil Engineering
Research interests: Sustainable transportation design, transit, and traffic flow

Melanie Sattler
Civil Engineering
Research interests: Air quality and mobile emissions

James Williams
Civil Engineering
Research interests: Traffic flow, traffic operations and traffic control

Utah State University

Anthony Chen
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research interests: Transportation systems modeling, transportation planning, sensor location, network reliability, non-motorized transportation, evacuation behavior, bicycle network analysis

Kevin Heaslip
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research interests: Traffic and transit operations, alternative energy sources for transportation, transportation asset management, transportation resiliency and disaster management, work zone operations and safety, transportation economics

Keith Christensen
Landscape, Architecture and Environmental Planning
Research interests: Socially equitable planning and design, inclusive environments, socially accessible play environments, universal design, computational thinking

Wayne State University

Peter Savolainen
Civil/Environmental Engineering
Research interests: Traffic safety, traffic operations, transportation planning

Timothy Gates
Civil/Environmental Engineering
Research interests: Traffic safety, traffic operations and control

Ratna Chinnam
Industrial/Systems Engineering
Research interests: Routing with real-time ITS information; intermodal freight transportation; logistics and distribution
Alper Murat
Industrial/Systems Engineering

Tennessee State University

Deo Chimba
Civil Engineering
Research interests: Transportation engineering, safety and planning

Kimberly Triplett
Sociology & Urban Professions
Research interests: Environmental justice, transportation equity, urban politics, historic development, and urban planning and policy