Led by Western Michigan University, the TRCLC is a consortium of five universities that aims to address aspects concerning the development of livable communities through transportation. The TRCLC coordinates efforts across 30 top researchers in associated fields to collectively enable livable communities through transportation research, education and workforce development and technology transfer.

Each of the five institutions in the TRCLC consortium have their own expertise within the theme of livable communities. WMU has expertise and strong research capabilities in the areas of mobility for those with disabilities and in non-motorized safety. The University of Texas, Arlington's strengths are in analyzing environmental impact and multimodal levels of service. Utah State University members have strengths in both network analysis and transportation services for individual with disabilities. Wayne State University's specializes in bus rapid transit and pedestrian safety. Tennessee State University members have strengths in safety and performance measures (see figure below).

The TRCLC is a collaboration that will be of benefit to all five institutions, their surrounding communities and for sustainable transportation research, more generally.