Civil and Construction Engineering Students Win 2nd Place for Poster Presentation

CCE Students win 2nd Place Award for Poster Presentation at the Environmental Science & Policy Program (ESPP) Research Symposium

Abul Fazal Mazumder

Wjdan Dhaif Sahi Sahi

Congratulations to the team of students working on the project titled "Enhancing Non-motorized Mobility within Construction Zones."   The team won the second place award at the student poster competition held on October 27 as part of the Environmental Science & Policy Program (ESPP) Research Symposium organized by Michigan State University (MSU).  Abul Fazal Mazumder and Wjdan Dhaif Sahi Sahi, Ph.D. students at the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, presented their poster on "Decision-support Framework for Managing Non-motorized Mobility within Work Zones.” 

Dustin Black

Matthew Mueller

The other members of the team are Dustin Black and Matthew Mueller, recipients of the Undergraduate Research Excellence (URE) awards.  The research group is supervised by Dr. Upul Attanayake, Associate Professor of Civil and Construction Engineering.  The research project is funded by Transportation Research Center for Livable Communities (TRCLC) at WMU.