Graduate Certificate in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy

Do you have a passion for helping adults who are blind or visually impaired? We designed this program with you in mind. We prepare vision professionals to advance their careers though additional knowledge in vision rehabilitation therapy to help those who are blind, visually impaired or have functional visual limitations.

This graduate certificate will allow a student to take the needed courses to become an ACVREP Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist in fewer credit hours than the Masters in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy. The required credit hours for the graduate VRT certificate program is 35, but those who already have a related degree (e.g., vision rehabilitation therapy, teacher of children with visual impairments, etc.) may be able to complete the program with as few as 16 credit hours. The credits required to complete the program will be determined upon our review of transcripts and syllabi of the relevant courses previously taken. Coursework can be completed largely online or in person but both approaches require some in person coursework. A field experience is required to complete the certificate. 


The required courses for the VRT graduate certificate program are as follows:

  • BLS 5840 – Adapted Computer Technology (4 credits)
  • BLS 5870 – Individuals with Complex and Diverse Needs (2 credits)
  • BLS 5900 – Physiology and Function of the Eye (2 credits)
  • BLS 5910 – Braille and Other Tactual Communication Systems (3 credit)
  • BLS 5930 – Teaching Adaptive Communications (3 credits)
  • BLS 5970 – Principles of Low Vision (2 credits)
  • BLS 6030 – Development through the Lifespan (3 credits)
  • BLS 6050 – Practice in Low Vision (1 credit)
  • BLS 6360 – Teaching for Independent Living (4 credits)
  • BLS 6640 – Principles in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (3 credits)
  • BLS 6910 – Practicum in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (2 credits)
  • BLS 7120 – Professional Field Experience (Internship) (6 credits)