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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ambassador Application

    Q: Is the online application the only way to apply? 

    A: Yes, you must submit an online application to be considered for employment. If you have any issues with submitting an application, please contact

    Q: Is there a minimum GPA requirement? 

    A: All applicants and current ambassadors must maintain a minimum of 2.5. 

    Q: Do I need to list two references? 

    A: Yes, references are sent a questionnaire regarding the candidate's work ethic, professionalism and fit for the position. If you do not have two professional references, you can include a professor, teacher, coach or mentor. Any further concerns about the required references may be directed to

    Q: Do I need to submit a resume? 

    A: No, we do not require a resume. If you would like to submit your resume, you can submit one to  

    Q: Do I need to apply to be both a tour guide and telecounselor?

    A: No, you do not need to commit to both roles. We are not always hiring for both positions based on current staffing needs.

    Q: If I am not selected, can I reapply? 

    A: Yes, there are a number of reasons an applicant may not be hired. We encourage applicants to consider time commitments when building their class schedule.  

    Q: What if I do not hear back after I apply? 

    A: All applicants will receive a response within two weeks. If you have not received an email after two weeks, email

    Q: How long after my interview can I expect to hear back? 

    A: It may take up to seven to ten business days.   

  • Employment as an Ambassador

    Q: What is the pay rate? 

    A: The starting hourly rate is $10.85 as of August 2023.

    Q: How many guests should I expect in my tour group? 

    A: Tour groups are typically 12-15 people, but can vary depending on staffing. 

    Q: How many hours a week should I expect? 

    A: Hours depend greatly on the individual's availability and time of year in the admissions cycle. 

    Q: Is there a required uniform? 

    A: Yes, we will provide you with required apparel. Uniform differs for tour guides and telecounselors. Our handbook details appropriate attire and requirements. 

    Q: What other requirements are included in the position? 

    A: All ambassadors are required to work our major event dates (i.e., Open Houses, Admitted Student Events, etc.) which traditionally take place on Friday and Saturdays. The dates are shared at the beginning of each semester with ongoing reminders of the upcoming events. 

  • Required Training

    Q: What is the training process? 

    A:  Tour training consists of 2-3 weekly shifts of various steps, including shadow, mentor meetings and practice tours. Telecounseling training consists of 2-3 evenings that includes a crash course on the University, introduction to our CRM database and shadows. 

    Q: How long does tour training take? 

    A: Tour training varies based on the individual and their availability. Typically, we want people to complete training within 8-10 weeks.  Telecounseling training typically only requires 2-3 evenings to complete. 

    Q: Am I paid for my time during training? 

    A: Yes, all work completed for the Student Ambassador office is paid.

    Q: Am I provided with ongoing training?

    A:  All ambassadors are required to attend one night of weekly training that includes updates from academic colleges and departments around campus, along with team-building exercises. 

  • Benefits of becoming a Student Ambassador

    Q: Why should you become a student ambassador?

    • Priority registration for classes
    • Gain in-depth knowledge of the University
    • Improve your public speaking and critical thinking skills
    • Make friends with other current WMU students and be part of a supportive team
    • Build your resume with leadership opportunities
    • Help prospective students on their college search journey

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