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History of the Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program (SAP) first began over 30 years ago as a volunteer-based, student organization with less than twenty students in the Seibert Administration Building.  The program was formalized in April 1995 as a Lee Honors College official thesis. Through the decades, the program has transformed to include a variety of roles, such as "Gold Guides" (tour guides) and "Telecounselors" (call team), and, at its largest, employed nearly 120 students in paid positions (2012).

As of 2023, we currently employ over 70 current undergraduate students and are housed in the new WMU Student Center. The Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity to gain professional experience with public speaking and critical thinking skills. Student Ambassadors who display professionalism and work ethic can also gain valuable leadership experience through our Leadership Academy and promotions to day staff positions. We are a supportive, inclusive environment focused on student success and welcome new Broncos to our community.

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