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Please click the gold button to request information from WMU. If you are unsure of your undergraduate student type, please review the list below and select the appropriate one on the form.

Undergraduate student types

  • Freshmen:  I'm going to college for the first time after finishing high school or completing my GED. 
  • Transfer: I'm going to another college and want to finish my bachelor's degree at WMU. 
  • Guest: I want to take classes to transfer back to my college.
  • High School Dual Enrollee: I'm a high school student who has demonstrated the potential for success in college and have the approval of my high school principal to enroll in WMU classes.
  • Second Bachelor's Degree: I want to complete another bachelor's degree. 
  • Initial Teacher Certification (post bachelor's): I have a bachelor's degree but want to earn teacher certification.
  • Returning: I went to WMU and want to come back to finish my bachelor's degree. 
  • Non-Degree: I want to take classes but not earn a degree. 
  • Senior Citizen's Opportunity Program in Education (SCOPE): I'm a senior citizen and want to take a class but not earn a degree. 

Other student types

  • Graduate students: If you are interested in master‘s, specialist, doctoral, or certificate programs.

  • International students: If you are not a United States citizen and do not have an I-551 Permanent Resident Card or have asylum or refugee status please follow this link for further information.


Note: Students who want to register for credit are not eligible for SCOPE. Depending on the level of study you choose to pursue, please refer to: