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Spring Events

Chinese New Year Gala

Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU is proud to host a number of events each year, including the Chinese New Year Gala.

The Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the biggest celebrations in China and many other Asian countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore.  The 2021 Chinese New Year Gala at WMU will be held virtually on February 5.  The gala features live entertainment, including songs, dances, and musical recitals—particularly those involving Chinese folk music. Performances are given by WMU students, alumni, and teachers and students from WMU’s community partners, including KPS schools and the Kalamazoo Chinese Academy.  There will also be interactive activities and chances for everyone to win prizes. 

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Chinese Speech Contest at WMU  

The annual Chinese Speech Contest provides a stage for outstanding middle school and high school Chinese language students to demonstrate their achievements in learning Chinese and communicate with each other. The contest will also select several of its most qualified high school student candidates to represent Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU in the Midwest Chinese Bridge Hight School Speech Contest.

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Summer Events

Midwest High School Chinese Speech Contest  

Western Michigan University is honored to host 2021 Midwest High School Chinese Speech Contest. The competition is co-sponsored by Chicago Consulate General of the People's Republic of China. It provides a stage to showcases achievements of Midwest high school Chinese learners and teachers, as well as to select the most qualified candidate to represent the Midwest in the 14th Global High School Chinese Bridge Speech Contest to be held in China.

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Summer Camp in China

The Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU Summer Camp in China provides two weeks of Chinese language and cultural training in China. Selected students only need to pay for their airfare, visas and medical insurance; Beijing Language and Culture University provides all in-country expenses, including room, board, transportation, language instruction, cultural activities, and sightseeing tours.

  • Experience: China in the Summer with Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU
  • Location: Beijing and Chengdu, China.
  • Eligibility: Students of Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU (priority will be given to partner school students 15 years old and above).
  • Scholarship Covers: Accommodation, Meals, Culture activities, Ground Transportation.
  • Your Cost: Round-trip airfare (U.S.A. – China), visa application fee and international travel medical insurance.
  • Travel Arrangements: The Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU staff coordinates air travel and visas and provides pre-departure orientations.
  • Further Information: Tel: (269) 387-3784 | Email:


Fall Events

Imagining China Art Contest

The Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU is proud to announce 2020 "Imagining China" art contest for Chinese Language and Culture Programing at WMU's students. Students are encouraged to submit works of art depicting China as they imagine it. 

The art works can be paintings, drawings or sketches. There are 3 categories based on the age groups: Ages 9 and under, ages 10 - 14 and ages 15 and above. Prize will be awarded to the top 3 works in each category and the selective winning art works will be displayed at CIWMU social media site.

Entry Submission:

Please send the package of all the materials to: by October 9th, 2020.

The package should include:

1)  A picture of your entry (paintings/drawings/sketches);

2)  A picture of you with your processing entry;

3)  A picture of you with your completed entry;

4)  Completed registration form.