Friends of Asian Art and Culture Events

May 2023 EVENTS: PDF

Expressions in Paper and Clay 

Takeout Tuesdays: Heavenly Horses with docent Mary Howell 

Kodomo No Hi Japanese Golden Week Children’s Day Celebration 

2023 Asian Forum, Death and Dying in East Asia 

Summer Tai Chi Classes and non-credit Online Chinese Language Classes 

Takeout Tuesdays: Word of Art: Stringing Traditional and Contemporary with docent Kasey Yang 

Cross Currents: East/West 

ARTbreak: Cross Currents: East/West with Yoshisuke Funasaka and Mary Brodbeck 

Takeout Tuesdays: Contemporary Artist Yoong Bae’s Meditations with docent Kalpana Desai 

Takeout Tuesdays: A Philippine Virgin Mary: Devotion in Grandeur with docent Jane Dalisay 

When Art Meets Science: Practicing Japanese Art History at the Harvard Art Museums with Rachel Saunders

Takeout Tuesdays: The Donor of This Song Water Dropper Is Not Your Average Joe with docent Larry Mock 



Expressions in Paper and Clay 

Wonder Tales from Japan 

Takeout Tuesdays: Beyond Bollywood: 2000 Years of Dance in Art with docent Aggie Brenneman 

Chinese Americans in the Heartland: Migration, Work, and Community 

Smithsonian Event: Meditation and Mindfulness 

Takeout Tuesdays: Three Masters of Lingnan with docent Linda Lei 

Into the Dragon’s Mouth: A Conversation with Architect and Author Benjamin Wood 

A Night of Rakugo with KATSURA Sunshine 

Takeout Tuesdays: Jade Cup — A Mini Mughal Masterpiece with docent Kathleen Meagher  



FAAC Special Event:
Tour of the Cleveland Museum of Art     View flyer


Expressions in Paper and Clay 

Takeout Tuesdays: Guardian of Flame with docent Neaera Baer 

Artistry and Innovation in Japanese Ceramics and Printmaking  

Takeout Tuesdays: Our Phoenixes at the Museum with docent Peggy Mathers 

Takeout Tuesdays: The Art of Islam is Written with docent Steve Zilles 


JANUARY and February 2023 EVENTS: 

The Great Leap 

Lantern Festival Gala 

An American Family Experiences China: 1910-1923 

From Chinatown to Every Town: How Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurs Have Expanded Restaurant Business in the United States 



Captive Beauties: Depictions of Women in Late Imperial China

Clay as Soft Power – Shikigare Ware in Postwar America and Japan

Kyoko Michishita Film Screenings

Takeout Tuesdays: Chiura Obata’s Grand Nature

Takeout Tuesdays: Fang Zhaoling, A Life Painting

1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows: A Memoir by Ai WeiWei

Takeout Tuesdays: Chinese Lacquerware



Captive Beauties: Depictions of Women in Late Imperial China

ARTbreak: Captive Beauties – Depictions of Women in Late Imperial China 

Chinese Food by Region 

Takeout Tuesdays: Ikebana – Japanese Flower Arranging 

ARTbreak: Captive Beauties – Depictions of Women in Late Imperial China

Burning Roses by S.L. Huang 



Balancing the Cosmos: Works by Li Hongwei

Japan: People, Society, Traditions and its Relation with the U.S. 

Zero-COVID, Carbon Neutrality, and the Future of Coercive Environmentalism 

Takeout Tuesdays: The Buddha on the Move Part 2: China in 338 

Joy Light Lecture on East Asian Art-- Guo Pei: Couture Fantasy 

Art for Breakfast with Stanley Wong: Extraordinary Odyssey – My Work Exposed 



Balancing the Cosmos: Works by Li Hongwei

Ornithology Jazz Club: Himiko Kukuchi with Tottori Jazz

Moon Festival Celebration at Zhang Portage Community Senior Center

ARTbreak: Contemporary Ceramics and the Chinese Worldview with Dr. Andrew Maske

Takeout Tuesdays: The Buddha on the Move Part 1: Pala, India 

Takeout Tuesdays: Dialogue Now and Then: A Contemporary Embroidery by Miram Lim Lee 

Art for Breakfast with Stanley Wong: art:zen anothermountainman’s creative life journey

Rising Star: Tony Siqi Yun

Takeout Tuesdays: Re-imagining the Heroic Tale: Serpent Kaliya and Dancing Krishna

China Planet: Environmental Implications of the Rise of China



Balancing the Cosmos: Works by Li Hongwei

ARTbreak: Jennfier Zona and Danny Giancaspro

Takeout Tuesday: Strength and Beauty from a Brush Stroke 

Takeout Tuesdays: Bojagi (Wrapping Cloth) 

ARTbreak: Inja Cho and Madeline Kaczmarczyk 

World Kamishibai Forum: Kamishibai and Deaf Children 



FAAC Special Event:
Introducing Chinese Opera From The Perspective of Visual Art  View flyer
Tour of the Frederick Meijer Gardens and the Yinka Shonibare Exhibit  View flyer

Balancing the Cosmos: Works by Li Hongwei

Takeout Tuesday: Fountain of Light

Balancing the Cosmos: Evening with Li Hongwei

Takeout Tuesdays: Thangka of the Fifth Dalai Lama

Ancient Korean Architecture in Context

Queer Pasts and Futures: Experimental Films with Việt Lê and TT Takemoto



“100 Years in Bloom” Peony Concert and Centennial Celebrations 

Linling Lu: Musical Meditations  

Takeout Tuesdays: Shiva and Parvati 

Balancing the Cosmos: Works by Li Hongwei 

An Insider’s Introduction to the Kyoto National Museum 

Takashi Harada – The Ondes Martenot – Special Video Event 

Re-History Series: Loss, Hope, and Conservation in Southeast Asian Textiles 


May 2022 Events: PDF

Immigration Stories of Asian American Women: Here is Happiness  

Takeout Tuesdays: Lotus Power 

An Evening with Lingling Lu 

Japanese Painting for the 21st Century: Ryo Shinagawa 

Linling Lu: Musical Meditations 

JFNY Literary Series presents Yoko Ogawa X Stephen Snyder 


April 2022 events: PDF

FAAC Special Event:
Image and Text: A Detective Reading of a Rare Chinese Mirror Design View flyer
Monkey Around - Asian American Activism and Arts View Recording View Flyer  


Pulling the Nation’s Noodles: Ramen and the Chinese Origins of Modern Japanese Cuisine?

Solo Piano Recital: Yuja Wang

Spreading Indra’s Net in Manhattan: D.T. Suzuki’s Columbia University Seminars

Takeout Tuesdays: The Art of Fans

Book Discussion: Concentric Circles

Artist Talk: It’s Like Breathing: Mio Yamato

Japanese Foundation New York Literary Series Presents: Aoko Matsuda x Dolly Barton

Linling Lu: Musical Meditations


March 2022 events: PDF

China's Domestic and External Economic Challenges

Linling Lu: Musical Meditations

Takeout Tuesdays: The Cosmic Buddha

Mokulito (Wood Lithography)

We Are Our Stories: Being Asian and Asian American in Kalamazoo

The Best We Could Do

Chinese Speech Contest at Western Michigan University

Persian New Year Storytelling


February 2022 Events: PDF 

Vistas: Visions of China, Japan, and Korea  

Japanese Film Festival Online 2022 

The Rise and Fall of Imperial China: The Social Origins of State Development 

Batiks: Spectacular Textiles of Java  

Can China Sustain its Current Level of Food Security?  


January 2022 events: PDF

ARTbreak: Encounter 

Where Japan Stands in the Global Contemporary Art Ecosystem | Mami Kataoka 

"Why Chopsticks? Utensil-use, Changing Foodway and Eating Style in Asia" 

2022 Lunar New Year Gala at WMU 

Vistas: Visions of China, Japan, and Korea


December 2021 events:   PDF


November 2021 Events:   PDF