Academic Events

Asian Initiatives offers a variety of academic events that advance the knowledge and research of East Asia. The primary academic events offered are: 

Asian Forum

The purpose of the Asian Forum at WMU is to bring together academicians, artists, scholars and international education professionals from Asia and the West to dialogue and explore various aspects and issues related to Asia and the global community through a multidisciplinary and multi-faceted conference. 

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International Forum in Chinese

In order to strengthen the relationship between Western Michigan University (WMU) and its international partners in Chinese-speaking countries and regions, and to enhance the relationship and connection between WMU and its alumni and visiting scholars from Chinese-speaking countries and regions, Dr. Ming Li and Dr. Ying Zeng initiated the WMU International Forum in Chinese.  

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Light Center for Chinese Studies Lecture Series

The Timothy Light Center for Chinese Studies Lecture Series presents talks from the expertise in some field of Sinology, or teaching or research interests in China.

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Soga Japan Center Lecture Events

The Soga Japan Center offers lecture events throughout the fall and spring semesters that promote the knowledge of Japan. 

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