New graduate offerings

Illustration of gearsThe steadily growing supply chain field boasts some of the highest salaries of all business degrees. And, companies will add more than 1.4 million supply chain jobs in the coming year. To meet the demand, WMU has launched two supply chain graduate programs at its Punta Gorda, Florida, location. Courses are offered in a hybrid format with regularly scheduled online instruction and face-to-face meetings three weekends per semester to accommodate professional schedules.

Supply chain graduate  certificate program

The supply chain certificate program is designed primarily for professionals who do not have a supply chain background but are filling a supply chain role in their companies. After completing the certificate program, students interested in moving into leadership roles will be prepared to pursue a master’s degree in supply chain management. The certificate curriculum includes courses that cover topics such as: 

  • Concepts for managing the supply chain.
  • Adaptation and application of technical and analytical tools and skills.
  • Integration of tools and skills in managerial processes and decision making.

Master of Science degree in supply chain

After completing the master degree program, students will be ready to fill lead supply chain positions in global corporations.

The two-year program covers topics such as:

  • Broad business knowledge, critical analysis and leadership.
  • Financial tools and skills for creating and evaluating supply chains.
  • Supply chain management concepts and their application in developing integrated processes.
  • Technical and analytical tools to resolve today’s supply chain issues.