Student Success: Law

finding her path

Photo of Sarah Bonner standing at a railing in professional dress.Sarah Bonner always knew she was interested in the field of law. She just didn’t know how it was going to fit into her college plan.

“During my senior year of high school, I job shadowed a lawyer, and through that involvement I became more intrigued by the field,” she says.

The thought of picking a major once she got to WMU was no easy task. Her interest in business and knowing that business was at the intersection of everything led Bonner to choose general business as her major.

Then the college introduced a new major, business law, and Bonner’s path changed.

The business law major, housed in the college’s Department of Finance and Commercial Law, is built so students can either earn a bachelor’s degree in business or get a head start on earning their Juris Doctor degree.

“When the business law major became available, I felt like this opportunity fell into place for me at just the right time,” says Bonner. “Business law courses have allowed me to appreciate my choice so much more. Law is such a complex field, and being in classes with professors from different backgrounds in law has allowed me to get various perspectives. The variety of the program is very beneficial to students like me who are figuring out where they fit.”

In spring of 2018, Bonner became the first graduate of the business law program, something she says she never pictured when she was exploring majors at the beginning of her WMU experience.

“I am looking forward to seeing the program evolve. The students who choose to study business law will greatly benefit from the curriculum, and I hope they enjoy it as much as I have.”