CECP Assistant Professor and graduate students publish article on career development

stephanie burns and article

Dr. Stephanie Burns with three Counselor Education, and Counseling Psychology graduate students Gail Garcia, Danielle Smith and Stephanie Goodman, have published a journal article focusing on career development. The foundation of career development interventions in the United States has shifted toward postmodern and constructivist philosophies that use narratives and story to activate meaning-making processes that assist clients in constructing their preferred future. However, current career assessments do not incorporate postmodern and constructivist philosophies. Using qualitative research with 20 adults, Dr. Burns explored adding career biographies and career narrative writing to the career interest assessment report process. Participants reported that biographies and narratives helped them identify themes to consider how their career plans fit their personal lifestyle, meaning making, and values. This research offers one way to incorporate narratives and story to explore the self and self-in-context to activate meaning-making processes in career interest assessment reports. Until career interest assessment reports include career biographies and a process for writing career narratives, only career counselors can offer this type of service to clients.

To read the article, "Adding Career Biographies and Career Narratives to Career Interest Inventories", see the Journal of Employment Counseling.