2018 Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology faculty publications and presentations roundup

Oct. 10, 2018

KALAMAZOO, Mich.—Dr. Carla Adkison-Johnson and Dr. Phillip Johnson published a chapter this month in Multicultural Issues in Counseling: new approaches to diversity, the premier multicultural counseling textbook/resource for the counselor education profession. Their chapter is titled “Counseling people of the African Diaspora in the United States” and provides direction for counseling people in the contemporary United States who trace their cultural roots to Africa.

Dr. Mary L. Anderson and Counselor Education doctoral students Cheruba Daniel and Damon Chambers presented a paper at the North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (NCACES) Conference in Cleveland Ohio. The title of the paper was “International Students in Counselor Education: Cultural Responsiveness for Coping and Advocacy”.

Dr. Samuel Beasley presented a paper at the August 2018 APA Annual Convention Meeting in San Francisco, CA. The paper is titled “A Comparative Examination of the Experiences of Men of Color in Professional Psychology”.

Dr. Joseph Morris and Dr. Stephen Craig published a paper, with two alumnae of the Ph.D. program in Counselor Education and Supervision, Dr. LaShonda Fuller and Dr. Lacretia Dye, associate professors at Chicago State University and Western Kentucky University respectively. Their paper titled “Group counseling: African American Adolescent Females' Resiliency, Self-Efficacy and Racial Identity” appears in The Wisconsin Counseling Journal.

Dr. Tangela Roberts presented two papers at the 2018 APA Annual Convention in San Francisco, CA:

  • “Black Americans and Activism: Exploring the Impact on Psychological Well-Being.”
  • “Black + Queer + Activist: Exploring the Psychological Impact of Activism on Black LGBT Individuals”

Dr. Eric Sauer is presenting two papers at this month at the North American Society for Psychotherapy Research meeting.

  • The first paper is co-authored with colleagues Ken Rice and Clarissa Robinson, and two counseling psychology doctoral student co-authors, Kristin Roberts and Char Houben-Hop, titled: “How Client Perfectionism and Attachment Dimensions Show up in Therapy: A Search for Reliable Client Groups.
  • The second paper is a sole authored paper: “Patient and Therapist Predictors of Process in Psychotherapy”.

Dr. Beverly Vandiver made three paper and symposium presentations at the August 2018 APA Annual Convention Meeting in San Francisco, CA. These included:

  • A presentation with counseling psychology doctoral student co-authors: Shealyn J. Blanchard, Angela C. Lewis, and Darrielle L. Allen on “ Testing the Validity of the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale for Black American College Students.
  • Chairing a symposium on “Research As a Tool for Social Justice---Why and How to Conduct Research in Partnership With Community”.
  • Participating in a symposium on White Adaptation to Racial Pluralism---A New Theory and Measure.