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Find out how WMU will help you develop the construction engineering skills as you pursue your career.

Construction engineering undergraduate program

Construction engineers plan, design, and supervise the construction and maintenance of structures and facilities. They prepare detailed plans and specifications, estimate quantities and costs of materials and labor, prepare written documents such as proposals for contracts, test materials to be used, determine solutions to engineering problems, supervise construction and maintenance of projects, inspect existing or newly constructed projects and recommend repairs, perform technical research, and determine the impact of constructions on the environment.

Program Description

As a construction engineering major, you will study
  • mathematics
  • general education subjects
  • basic sciences
  • business
  • construction engineering
  • methods, procedures, codes and contracts
  • scheduling, estimating, and management
You will also develop oral and written communication skills. 


To enter the construction engineering program you should have completed the following in high school:
  • at least three and a half years of college preparatory mathematics, including trigonometry
  • two years of basic science such as physics and chemistry
You may also prepare to enter the program while at WMU by selecting courses that fulfill these requirements. Transfer credit from other college universities will be granted for courses that satisfy WMU’s requirement. 

Undergraduate Catalog