Video Audition Guidelines

Prospective students from outside a 500-mile radius of Kalamazoo may elect to audition for admission via video. Videos must be received no later than February 19, 2018 for entrance in the following fall semester. If more than one dancer appears on the video, a clear description of the auditioning dancer must be included with the tape. Tapes remain the property of the Western Michigan University Department of Dance. You may also upload the audition to YouTube or Vimeo or a similar site and send a link to the video footage to along with your completed audition information. The tape should be clearly labeled and include the following:


Show center work only. All combinations must be demonstrated on both sides.

  • Adagio (16 counts): Demonstrate balances, classical line and musicality. The combination should include high leg extensions: devant (front), à la seconde (side) and first arabesque (back). Effacé, croisé and écarté may all be included.
  • Pirouette (16 counts): A turn combination demonstrating en dehors pirouettes from fifth and fourth positions and en dedans pirouettes from fourth lunge in passé position.
  • Petit allegro (16 counts): A quick jump combination including jeté, assemble and pas de chat.
  • Grand allegro (16 counts): A large jump combination including temps levé in arabesque, grand jeté and tour jeté.
  • From the corner (16 counts): A traveling turn combination including piqué turns and chaîné turns.


Show an upbeat movement combination no more than two minutes in length. The study should include isolations, inside and outside turns, elevations and some floor work. It should demonstrate knowledge of complex rhythmic patterns.


Show a center combination (30 to 60 seconds in length) that demonstrates different uses of the torso, level changes, weight-bearing on the hands, and parallel and turn-out leg alignment. Show a traveling combination (30 to 60 seconds in length) that demonstrates large aerial movements such as leaps and jumps with different uses of torso and facing changes.

Exceptional candidates may be invited to complete an essay and participate in a telephone interview for scholarship consideration at the discretion of the faculty.