Material RecyclableLandfill
Glass A collection of glass bottles of different sizes and colors. Clean, clear, or colored glass  
Plastic Food Containers Plastic food container that opens like a clam shell. Clean, rinsed bottles, jars, tubs, and jugs; check # on container: #1-7 are recyclable. Clear clamshells, if clean and #1-7 Dirty plastics, plastics not #1-7, clamshells with any food residue on them
Metal Cans Two metal cans with no labels. Clean, rinsed metal cans (labels ok); aerosol cans must be empty Dirty cans, cans that aren't empty
Cardboard and Paper Three cardboard boxes of various sizes. Clean, plain cardboard; papers, envelopes, magazines, these can be put in the cardboard compactors Dirty, oily cardboard (like pizza boxes); wax-coated boxes (some produce boxes)
Styrofoam Stack of styrofoam cups. Clean #6 styrofoam only Packing peanuts, EnvirowareClamshell food container made out of recycled materials.
Wax-coated Paperboard Cartons Cardboard carton with plastic spout. Not recyclable All wax-coated paperboard cartons

Where do I put the recycling?

GPM (glass, plastic, metal Co-mingle bins
Cardboard, yellow paper bins Paper/cardboard/envelopes/magazines can be emptied into cardboard compactors/dumpsters when full
Styrofoam Save in a designated area

When in doubt, throw it out! Just a few landfill items can contaminate a whole bin of recycling.