About Us


The mission of Disability Services for Students at Western Michigan University is to make education accessible. A student is a student, regardless of the issues, challenges or conditions faced. DSS advocates for the student to be provided with the appropriate tools to allow that person the opportunity to reach goals and potential. Those tools, academic accommodation or adjustment, facilitate learning while maintaining the integrity of course content and outcomes.


The vision for DSS is to guide the institution into universal design of facilities, programs and activities so that there is opportunity and encouragement for full participation by a diverse student body, including those with disabilities. Diversity at Western Michigan University encompasses inclusion, acceptance, respect and empowerment. This means understanding that each individual is unique and that our commonalities and differences make the contributions we have to offer all the more valuable. 


In order to accomplish the mission and vision, DSS strives to:

  1. Promote the services of the office through participation in university showcases, outreach with area school districts and disability awareness presentations across the campus community.
  2. Provide the necessary tools or accommodations to students with disabilities so they have the opportunity to be productive in their learning.
  3. Participate on university committees to give voice to concerns of the students with disabilities.
  4. Disseminate information addressing compliance with disability laws and discrimination.
  5. Remain current with universal design and best practices within the realm of national standards of service providers.