Accommodations for tests require pre-planning to ensure students and professors are in agreement as to how the accommodations will be provided. Communicate with instructors within the first two weeks of class or immediately after registering with DSS to determine the implementation of test accommodations.  Disability Services for Students has limited space for students with testing accommodations. Professors or instructors may work with students to select another option, DSS suggests that students take exams with instructors if possible. 

Taking exams at DSS

Students must schedule exams at least seven (7) days in advance of the test date using the DSS-Accommodate portal.  DSS exam spaces are available during each semester from 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday.  

Late Exam Scheduling

An exam scheduled through Accommodate must be done within seven days to the minute of the exam (e.g., a Tuesday exam at 9 am must be scheduled by the Tuesday before at 8:59 am). Accommodate will not allow students to proceed with scheduling if it falls within the seven day period. To schedule a late exam, please use our late exam request form to submit a request. 

Late Exam Request form

Exam Day Process 

Students must:

  • Present photo identification (Bronco ID card preferred).
  • Turn off all phone(s) or electronic device(s) and place them in provided space during an exam. 
  • Empty all pockets before entering the testing room and place contents in provided space. 
  • Leave purses, wallets, book bags or backpacks, and smartwatches in the space provided. Clocks are available upon request. Only the instructor approved materials are permitted in the testing room. 

Fall and Spring Final Exam Week at DSS

Final exam scheduling will open the day after the last day to withdraw from classes. Final exams at DSS are proctored at 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm Monday to Thursday of finals week. With faculty approval, the student may schedule Friday exams with the Testing Accommodations Coordinator.

Suspected Academic Dishonesty During an Exam

In January 2017, DSS installed a video monitoring system with a camera in each test room which DSS Staff monitor during exams. In the event of a student having any unauthorized technology, notes, or other potential possibilities for suspected academic dishonesty while taking an exam, faculty may specify their own procedures or use our procedures which are:

  • to take the material in question out of the testing room (e.g., cell phone, notes, materials, other technology).
  • take the exam from the student temporarily.
  • make a copy of the exam.
  • give the student the copy of the exam to finish.
  • DSS will Immediately call the Instructor at the phone number provided on the exam submission form 
  • DSS will also email the instructor concerning the incident and will copy Student Conduct.

It is then up to the instructor how they choose to handle the situation from that point forward. Many instructors choose to come over to talk to the student and some ask for us to send the student to the instructor’s office after they have completed the exam. Additionally, we can provide digital files of the surveillance for the instructor if given an external hard drive or large USB drive. Please note, these will not be one video file, but many smaller video files.