Student Support

Disability Services for Students collaborates with student support programs across campus. Each program is different and provides varying levels of programming focused on establishing and building skills needed for student support. Before applying for a program we suggest looking at each option carefully.

Autism Services Center

Western Michigan University's Autism Services Center provides services and support to help students make a smooth transition from high school to college while developing skills needed in the workforce.

ASC Services 

These services are beyond the reasonable accommodations provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act and include weekly one-on-one meetings with the ASC coordinator or graduate assistant; workshops and informational sessions; organized social events; and increased communication between students and professors, staff and parents. To learn more about the ASC and how to receive full services, visit the ASC application information webpage. 

Mentoring For Success

The Mentoring for Success Program is a peer mentoring program designed to promote program participants' success at Western Michigan University through increased acceptance rates into participants' intended majors and increased college graduation rates. The program is geared toward achieving specific academic and developmental goals that are focused on participants' overall development. The program is optimized for and most beneficial to first-year and second-year students. 

DSS students wishing to apply can start by filling our peer mentor program referral form