4+1 Graduate Program With Kalamazoo College

The Department of Economics at Western Michigan University is pleased to announce a 4+1 graduate program with the Department of Economics and Business at Kalamazoo College. As stated in this Cooperative Agreement between Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo College students may be able to transfer a maximum of six undergraduate credits between KC and WMU for application toward a WMU master's degree.

Additionally, KC students may take Economics 5040 (Mathematics for Economists) at WMU as guest students during the fall of their senior year. KC students who take Economics 5040 during their senior year, and received a grade of B or higher, will receive three credits as "credit by examination" toward the M.A. at WMU.

Course transfer

Up to six credit hours may be transferred to Western Michigan University from Kalamazoo College with the successful completion of any combination of the following courses with a grade of B or better:

Economics 360–Econometrics
Economics 405–International Trade
Economics 410–Open Economy Macroeconomics
Economics 415–Public Sector Economics
Economics 593–Senior Individualized Project


Contact graduate advisor Dr. Christine Moser for more information.