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alumni achievement award

 This annual award is given by the department in recognition of the recipient’s achievement in their field.  Below is a list of recent award winners along with a brief biography (published in the WMU College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Achievement Award program):

2023: Isabel Ruiz, Ph.D. '06

2022: Mike Burns, MA '01

2021: Dawit Senbet, Ph.D. '07

2020: Paul Carlson, BA '87

2019: Sonila Beliu, Ph.D. '15

2018:   William Waller, BS '78, MA '79

2017: David J. Donovan, BS ‘71

2016: David Stevens, BS ‘83

2015: Bill Monroe, BA ‘63

2014: Sam Valenti III, BA `67, MA ‘68

2013: Jon Robinson, BA ‘74

2012: Dr. Carlos Vargas-Silva, PhD ‘06

2011: Dr. Adugna Lemi, Ph.D. ‘01

2010: Kevin Haverdink, BA ‘97

2009: Dr. Alketa Hysenbegasi, MA Ph.D. ‘01

2008: Dr. Happy Siphambe, MA ‘89

2007: Glenn Gross, BA ’67, MA ‘68

2006: Dr. John Anderson, BA, ‘73

2005: Daniel Bitzer, MA ‘84

2004: Dr. Daniel Arce, MA ‘85

2003: Dr. Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Ph.D. ‘98

2002: Dr. Vinod Thomas, MA ‘71

2001: Anthony Tan, MA ‘89

2000: Charles Zhang, MA ‘91

1999: Louis Hellerman, BA '64


presidential scholars award

The annual Presidential Scholar designation is the highest honor WMU can bestow on an undergraduate. The award goes to the most outstanding seniors in each of the University's academic schools, departments and specialty programs. Recent winners include:

2024: Chloe Wieber

2023: Cecelia Chapleau 

2022: Mahesa Saravanan

2021: Tyler Boes

2020: Claire Dziewicki

2019: Jacob Duberville 

2018: Keith Boeker

2017: Evan Kennedy

2016: Alec Kraus

2015: Zachary Munce 

2014: Christopher Thayer

2013: Eric Clover-Wadel 

2012: Nolan Sinkler 

2011: Casey Long

2010: Janelle Garchow

2009: Emily Hawrysz

2008: Kurtis Wickey

2007: Jeremy Sikkema

2006: Hon Cheah

2005: Ryan Breisach

2004: Brian Cheyne

2003: Ryan Hicks

2002: Michael Johnson

2001: Aaron Spiller

2000: Rachel Johnson

1999: Charles Lewis

1998: Mark Jahn

1997: Shigeyuki Yokokawa

1996: Keung Ung

1995: David Saslow

1994: Dora Hanna

1993: Darrell Dow

1992: Paul Niewiadomski

1991: Alfredo Lopez

1990: Terrance O’Rourke

1989: Zulkarnain Abu Hassan

1988: Penelope Tardiff

1987: Gerald Walls

1986: Rohaida Bte. Mohd. Ridzuan

1985: Gina Robertson

1984: Jesslyn Tavares

1983: Fauziah Abu Hassan

1982: Kathleen Cerveny

1981: Daniel Hayden


Phi Beta kappa members

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest and most respected undergraduate honors organization. The Theta of Michigan Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa was installed on Feb. 22, 1998. Below is the list of economics graduates inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

2024: Seezam Poudel, Gabriel Rodriguez-Nielson

2023: Ephraim Bahre, Cecelia Chapleau, Thomas Johnson, Chloe Wieber

2022: Mahesa Saravanan

2020: Clare Dziewicki

2016: Virginia Privett

2015: Karim Blake

2014: Anthony Sangalli

2013: Samuel Vann

2012: Jeffrey Cramer, Kendrick Hotte, Nolan Sinkler

2010: George Lluberes

2008: Janelle Garchow, Stacy Johnson, Kurtis Wickey

2007: Troy Louis

2006: Hon Cheah

2005: Ryan Breisach

2004: Alexander Morris

1999: Mark Jahn

1998: Joseph Perry


advisory board

The Department of Economics Advisory Board meets semi-annually to discuss curricular developments, alumni support and the overall state of the Department.  The Board is able to offer ideas, insight and support for departmental initiatives. Advisory Board members include: 

Dan Bitzer, David Donovan, Louis Hellerman, Myrna Hellerman, Bill Monroe, David Stevens, Vinod Thomas 



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