Global Data Center

The Global Data Center is a resource developed at Western Michigan University for students and others, both inside and outside the University community, who wish to conduct research with international data.

Data sources

The Global Data Center contains a range of data sources organized in two ways; by topic and alphabetically. Selected data sources have their own information page which includes an overview of the source, link to the source website, list of available data file formats, the type of data accessibility for that source, and a step-by-step example of how to obtain data from that specific source. For other data sources, a direct link to the source's website is provided.

Western Michigan University does not provide any of the data from the sources listed here. When using a source, be sure to consult with the source website on how to properly and correctly cite it.

As data sources are constantly evolving and being created by NGOs, governments, research centers, and others, this resource will evolve as well.

If you would like to recommend a data source, fill out the contact form with subject “Global Data Center – Data Source” and tell us about it!

This resource was created by graduate student Jesse Nelson in 2019, and further developed by Joseph Wu.