Study Abroad Scholarship


To apply for this scholarship in the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University, prepare an application package with the following information:

  • A current WMU transcript (required; an unofficial transcript is acceptable)
  • Itemized budget for the study/internship abroad experience (including tuition and fees, transportation costs, meals, lodging, etc.)
  • Letter of acceptance from the proposed study/internship abroad program and/or a letter of recommendation from your faculty advisor
  • A 1-2 page essay describing:
    1. What you plan to do while abroad (e.g., where you will study, with what group or program you will be affiliated, what courses or research project you have planned);
    2. What you hope to learn while abroad; and
    3. How your study abroad program will contribute to your educational and professional development.
  • List other financial aid/scholarships you have received

Study abroad scholarship application

Application deadline

  • For spring programs: November 15
  • For summer programs: March 15
  • For fall programs: April 15