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Bronco Signage, a service from Architecture and Design, Facilities Management to WMU employees. This eProcurement webpage provides pre-approved signage vendors that meet University standards and offer the best value on goods per the bidding process. Campus signage can be procured by Western Michigan University employees for business use only.

Through our qualified contracted vendors, you can select a variety of signage types for university needs. Select signage orders may require assembly and tools for installation by WMU skilled personnel and must be funded by the purchaser, via the Bronco Project Request form.  The signage vendor will share with the purchaser which signs can be installed by the vendor and which signs will require WMU skilled labor to install per the union contract.  For additional WMU skilled trades assembly requirements, please see frequently asked questions for details.

Note: All products offered on this website are exclusively for Western Michigan University employees for business use only.

Signage Services

How to buy signage

  1. View signage categories available with reference to the awarded signage vendor to begin communication for your signage needs.

    Please note: Special custom signage needs that are not available through the online purchase; a project request is required for any complex and custom orders that will impact facility architectural space. For project requests, go to the Bronco Project page. If you have any questions, please contact Eleonora Philopoulos at or at (269) 387-8648.

  2. Provide needed information to the signage vendor, including things such as: signage type, size, specific wording and images to be used, substrate of material if to be installed, and any other information to assist the process accordingly.
  3. Communicate directly with the signage vendor to acquire any needed mock-ups and quotes.
  4. Issue order through your University procurement card with vendor.
  5. Warranty process: Email the contact person from the vendor where purchased.

Information and frequently asked questions

Bronco signage product process: Tools necessary for installation

Bronco signage information and frequently asked questions