Planning, Space Management and Capital Projects

Planning, Space Management and Capital Projects Division

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The Planning, Space Management and Capital Projects division is responsible for planning, design and development of construction projects, renovations and remodelings—including capital projects. Western Michigan University's planners must ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, as well as compliance with the state-mandated LEED sustainability certification. Planning also includes program review and evaluation, mainly feasibility studies.


We are forward thinking partners in the future development of the physical campus, exploring bold solutions and dynamic approaches to implement the University's mission and goals while balancing the interests of the various members of the University community.


WMU has the right to its own image and sense of place. It has the right to recognize and develop that which makes it a distinctive, vital entity and, conversely, to respond to the ever-changing tides of its purpose. The evolution of the campus has filled a "scrapbook of change", with a different page of memories for each generation of students. The goals for Campus Planning at WMU must include consideration of every student's experiences, assuring that his or her page in the scrapbook is filled with good experiences and special memories.

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The Division of Planning, Space Management and Capital Projects is located at the Campus Services Building, on Oliver Street (across from Waldo Stadium).

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