Distinguished Service Award

2019 - 20 RECIPIENTS

2019 Distinguished Service awardees William Rantz, Diana Hernandez, and Wei-Chiao Huang photographed with President Montgomery, Chair of DSA C. Dennis Simpson, and Provost Bott.

As recipients of the Distinguished Service Award, Hernandez, Huang and Rantz join 67 faculty and staff members who have received the accolade. The two were chosen from among nominees across campus who have demonstrated exceptional service in areas that reflect innovative and effective programming, increase WMU's stature or extend WMU's impact and presence into the larger community. Both will receive a plaque and $2,000 honorarium.

2019 Fall Convocation videos


This award, first given in 1980, recognizes exceptional service in one or more of the following categories:

  • Service through innovative and effective programs which are academic, or related to another facet of University life, such as programs that serve students, faculty or staff in an important and unique way.
  • Service in areas and organizations that contribute to the growth and stature of the University.
  • Service that extends the impact and presence of the University into larger communities.

The service must affect a significant segment of the University community. The awards is usually given for a body of service, rather than a single activity or achievement.

Call for 2021-22 nominations deadline is no later than Monday, March 15, 2021.All nomination materials need to be submitted electronically through webform (below) to faculty-development@wmich.edu.


All current, continuing full-time faculty and administrative staff who have at least five years of service at the University are eligible. An individual can only receive the award once.


Nomination Procedure

Nominations may be made by all current, continuing full-time faculty and administrative staff.

  Nomination Form

The nominator should:

  1. Ensure nominee's eligibility
  2. Complete the webform
  3. Write an overall letter of support for the nominee and upload to webform
  4. Upload the following to the Webform:
    • the nominator's letter of support
    • the nominee's vita or resume emphasizing the nominee's service
    • other letters of support (both inside and outside the University) that emphasize the nature and scope of the nominee's service, making sure that these letters represent diverse viewpoints rather than simply collecting many letters that are similar.
    • The committee's decision on award recipients will be made on the basis of the above materials only.



Faculty Development




  • Sisay Asefa
  • Yousef Alavi
  • Thomas C. Bailey
  • John Benson
  • Donald Blasch
  • Arvon Byle
  • Sterling Breed
  • Donald Bullock
  • Mary Cain
  • Stephen Covell (2018)
  • Howard Dooley (2016)
  • Robert Erickson
  • Eileen Evans
  • Robert Felkel (2017)
  • R. Wayne Fuqua
  • Harold Glasser
  • John Hanley
  • Barbara Havira
  • David Houghton
  • Wei-Chiao Huang (2019)
  • Robert Kaufman
  • Alan E. Kehew
  • Peter Krawutschke
  • George Mallinson
  • Gary Mathews
  • Ralph Miller
  • Donna Oas
  • Richard Oxhandler
  • Claude Phillips
  • Paul Ponchillia
  • James Powell
  • William Rantz (2019)
  • Joseph Reish (2015)
  • David Rozelle
  • James Sanders
  • Visho Sharma
  • C. Dennis Simpson
  • Dean Tyndall
  • Shirley VanHoeven
  • Lewis Walker
  • Robert A. Wertkin


  • Dennis Boyle
  • Griselda Daniel
  • George Demetrakopolous
  • Tony O. Dennis
  • Joyce DeRight
  • Carl Doubleday
  • Charlotte Giscombe
  • Arlen Gullickson
  • Edward Harkenrider
  • Diana Hernandez (2019)
  • Jolene Jackson
  • John Kundel
  • Laura Latulippe
  • Sue Oole
  • Rob Pennock
  • Sally Pippen
  • Abraham Poot
  • Tracey L. Quada
  • Geraldine Schma
  • Amy Seth (2016)
  • Hazel Starcher
  • Marie Stevens
  • Yumi Takahasi Ede (2017)
  • Juan Tavares (2015)
  • Peter Thannhauser (2018)
  • Jan Van Der Kley
  • Martha Warfield
  • Toni Woolfork-Barnes
  • Christine Zimmer


Contact Tonya Deanwith any questions regarding the Distinguished Service Award.