Emerging Scholar Award

2021 - 22 RECIPIENTs

2021 Emerging Scholar awardees photographed

As recipients of the Emerging Scholar Award, Grunert Kowalske, Lemmer, and Mathews join 22 faculty members who have received the accolade since it was established in 2006.


2021 Emerging Scholar Award 


The Emerging Scholar Award program was launched in late 2006 to acknowledge the accomplishments of WMU faculty members who are among the rising stars in the U.S. higher education. This award recognizes the scholarly or creative achievements of outstanding colleagues whose accomplishments are evidence of great potential for scholarship or creative work. Eligible faculty are all those current, continuing, full-time, Board-appointed, tenured persons with faculty rank and in good standing, who were tenured no earlier than January 2018. Untenured faculty members are ineligible.

Scholarship or creative activity may be artistic, historical, literary, philosophical, scientific or technical. Current scholarly/creative achievement shall demonstrate:

  • Impact on the state of scholarship or advancement of knowledge in the discipline.
  • Impact beyond the discipline or on the general public.
  • Evidence of international professional recognition.
  • Evidence of outstanding promise to achieve renown in continuing work,

Call for 2022-23 nominations will be determined at a later date.

Call for 2022-23 nominations deadline is Friday, April 1, 2022.

The Emerging Scholar Award Nomination forms need to be submitted electronically through webform (below) to faculty-development@wmich.edu

  Nomination Form

Nomination Procedure

  1. Nominations may be made by any member of the University community. Self-nomination is acceptable.
  2. Nominations must comprise a current curriculum vitae and at least two letters of support, including one from outside the University upload to the webform. Nominators are asked to address specifically how the faculty member meets each of the criteria, and use appropriate headings to guide the reviewers upload to the webform. The letters should explain
    1. the significance of the nominee’s research/creative achievements, in terms of impact on both the discipline and the general public and
    2. why current scholarship/creative activity portends renown in continuing work and upload to the webform.
    Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  3. Complete nomination information must compromise a curriculum vitae and letters of support  uploaded to the webform in order to be accepted.


  • 2021—Megan Grunert-Kowalske, Kristina Lemmer, Adam Mathews
  • 2020—Due to the conditions imposed by COVID-19 no nominations were accepted.
  • 2019—Elena Litvinova
  • 2018—Maria Selena O. Protacio
  • 2017—Gellert Mezei
  • 2016—Jessaca Spybrook
  • 2015—Luigi Berto
  • 2014—Fritz Allhoff
  • 2013—Chris L.S. Coryn, Michael A. Famiano, Kristina Wirtz
  • 2012—Jeffery Angles, Charles Henderson, Sherine Obare
  • 2011—Eli Rubin
  • 2010—Yirong Mo, Bilinda Straight
  • 2009—G. Michael Grammer, Taskashi Yoshida
  • 2008—Kuanchin Chen, Jennifer Machiorlatti
  • 2007—Stephen Covell, Igor Fedotov, David Huffman
  • 2006—Mitch Kachun, Carla M. Koretsky, Kirk T. Korista


Contact Tonya Dean or email: faculty-development@wmich.edu