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The Faculty Technology Center is a multimedia computer lab where WMU instructors can learn to use technology to complement their teaching.

Instructional Support

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The Faculty Technology Center is currently closed to walk-in and face-to-face appointments.

Contact the FTC virtually during the live support hours listed below.

Monday - Friday

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Faculty Technology Center

Faculty Technology Center

The FTC is part of the Educational Technology unit of WMUx and is located on the second floor of the University Computing Center, room 2011.


  • iClickers

    The student response system in use at WMU is iClicker. Instructors ask a question and students respond by pressing a button on their clicker remotes. Responses are transmitted to a base station connected to the instructor's laptop, where they are recorded and displayed.

    iClicker current version: 7.21.0

    How it works

    Students purchase iClickers at the bookstore and must register their clickers in Elearning once a year (usually in September). Students register their clicker remotes by clicking on any course link, clicking the Resources link in the brown navigation bar, and selecting Register your iClicker.

    To utilize the clicker system:

    1. Instructors should bring their laptop to the Faculty Technology Center and request a base station and instructor's remote.
    2. iClicker software will be installed on the laptop and the remote will be registered.
    3. Instructors will set up their class folder and download their roster from Elearning (note: this method of downloading the roster is utilized even if Elearning tools are not used for the course).
    4. iClicker also includes an integration tool which allows instructors to directly upload session data to Elearning.

    Instructors can also download  iClicker software from GoWMU in the Software Downloads channel under Other Software and License Files.

    Software can also be updated by clicking on the iClicker.exe file, then selecting Help > Check for Updates.

  • Consulting

    Faculty Technology Center (FTC) staff are available to consult with instructors and assist them in troubleshooting problems with Elearning, Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, and other software. 

    The FTC also has access to a classroom equipped with a media cart, and projectors for demonstrations and meetings.

    For all consulting needs, faculty and staff may book an appointment or contact the FTC.

  • Web Conferencing

    Cisco Webex is available to all students, faculty and staff. Webex provides; web conferencing, personal meeting rooms, screen sharing, interactive training environments, large-scale online events, and integration with W-Exchange email. Visit Help Hub for more information about Webex and how to log in.

    Contact the FTC for more information on using Webex and hands-on training.


The FTC is located in Room 2011 of the University Computing Center (2nd floor).