Blindness and Low Vision Studies Preparation (BLVSPrep) Concentration

The Blindness and Low Vision Studies Preparation (BLVSPrep) Concentration is designed for students interested in a career in blindness and low vision. You may also choose to pursue an accelerated graduate degree by applying to the M.A. in Orientation and Mobility or M.A. in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy during your junior year. More information about the accelerated degree is below.

You must satisfy all the requirements of the HSS bachelor's degree, including the capstone course. In addition, You will take the following courses:

Blindness and Low Vision Studies preparation Concentration requirements

  • BIOS 1120 - Principles of Biology - Credits: 3 hours
  • BIOS 2400 - Human Physiology - Credits: 4 hours
  • BLS 3050 - Introduction to Adults with Disabilities - Credits: 3 hours

accelerated degree - orientation and mobility for adults or vision rehabilitation therapy

Once admitted into one of the Blindness and Low Vision Studies accelerated degree programs, you will take the following 12 credits during your senior year. The credits will apply to both your undergraduate and graduate programs. Although the classes below are the same, the M.A. in Orientation and Mobility and the M.A. in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy  are two different degrees. Refer to the individual programs for specific information.

  • BLS 5770 - Services to Individuals with Blindness or Other Disabilities - Credits: 1 to 2 hours
  • BLS 5880 - Psychosocial Aspects of Disability - Credits: 2 hours
  • BLS 5890 - Medical and Functional Aspects of Disability - Credits: 2 hours
  • BLS 5900 - Physiology and Function of the Eye - Credits: 2 hours
  • BLS 5970 - Principles of Low Vision - Credits: 2 hours
  • BLS 6020 - Gerontology in Orientation and Mobility and Rehabilitation Teaching - Credits: 2 hours

Students who are not accepted into the graduate program will take an additional 12 credit hours toward a minor or advisor approved concentration.