2018 History Day Results

Thanks to all who competed in History Day on March 3, 2018, on the campus of Western Michigan University.
Next competition date: March 9, 2019

Below are the 2018 State qualifiers (state results are in bold).


Youth Individual Documentary

  1. "The Christmas Truce of 1914" (1st Place)
    by: Scarlett Hindbaugh; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Independence Partition of India”
    by: Arya Verma; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Youth Group Documentary

  1. "Yuri Kochiyama and Her Fight for Equality" (1st Place)
    by: Hailey Prater, Cash Karney, Jonathan Pyle; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo
  2. "The Wall That Separated Berlin" (2nd Place)
    by: Mya Panse, Ava Storteboom; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. "Conflict & Compromise: The Yalta Conference" (3rd Place)
    by: Rowan McKinley, Ezra Ambs, Laksh Singh, Rohit Bobba, Leah Smith; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Individual Documentary

  1. "WWII - The War Fought at Home"
    by: Olivia Crippin; Baseline Middle School, South Haven
  2. “The Spanish Armada”
    by: TAlistair Bealer; Upton Middle School, St. Joseph
  3. “The Panama Canal”
    by: Dylan Shaman; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Group Documentary

  1. "Hope Will Never be Silent"
    by: Romy Ransom, Tabitha Newberry; Baseline Middle School, South Haven
  2. "Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Disaster: Security over Safety" (National Alternate)
    by: Caylin Jones, Mallory May; Baseline Middle School, South Haven

Senior Individual Documentary

  1. “Shaping History: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” (National Finalist)
    by: Jessica DeVries; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. "Prohibition: Al Capone and Southwest Michigan"
    by: Katie Glendening; Lake Michigan Catholic, St. Joseph

Senior Group Documentary

  1. “DEFCON 2: The Cuban Missile Crisis” (National Finalist - Best Entry in Naval or Maritime History - Sponsored by the Continental Commandery of the Navel Order of the United States)
    by: Jesse Ford, Avery Daugherty, Maddox Uckele; South Haven High School
  2. "The 1988 Deaf President now Protests: A Documentary" (National Alternate)
    by: Tova Carter, David Turmo, Carley Wyman; Gull Lake High School
  3. "The Salem Witch Trials: A History"
    by: Helena Wessendorf, Gillian Fell; Lakeshore High School, Stevensville


Youth Individual Exhibits

  1. "It's Our War Too! Forming the Women's Army Corp (WAC)"
    by: Georgia Edmonds; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Columbia and a Half Centry of Conflict”
    by: Peter Drelles; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. “Two Dynasties, One Forbidden City”
    by: David Yang; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Youth Group Exhibits

  1. “The Berlin Wall” (1st Place)
    by: Alexis Crouch, Lauren Shaman; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Milk Strike”
    by: Tomiris Sagintayeva, Paisley Wall Emerson, Cambrie Bencik; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. “Vietnam War; Nurses are Heros Too” (2nd Place - Best Entry in Use of Arts/Music - Sponsored by the Merze Tate Travel Writers)
    by: Claire Newberry, Tessa Hosier;  Northshore Elementary, Stevensville

Junior Individual Exhibits

  1. “The Scopes Monkey Trial: An Exercise in Conflict and Compromise” (National Finalist)
    by: Keegan Hammond; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Quakers and the Civil War: A Decision of Conscience”
    by: Lauren Konopacki; Upton Middle School, St. Joseph
  3. “Compromise at Camp David: The Accords that Ended conflict and Created Peace in the Middle East” (National Alternate)
    by: Samuel Nieuwenhuis; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo

Junior Group Exhibits

  1. “The CIA: Rising from the Ashes of Conflict: Molded by Compromise” (National Finalist)
    by: Nic Sheppard, Myles Daugherty; Baseline Middle School, South Haven
  2. “Let the Label Tell: Caroline Bartlett Crane”
    by: Kalee Henderson, Genevieve Shade; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Senior Individual Exhibits

  1. “Little Rock Nine”
    by: Chloe Simmons; Lake Michigan Catholic, St. Joseph
  2. "Kronstadt"
    by: Noah Kitzman; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo
  3. "Hidden Stars"
    by: Clara Nieuwenhuis; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo

Senior Group Exhibits

  1. “Rosa Parks: Solving the Conflict of Compromised Human Rights” (National Alternate)
    by: Allyson Bishop, Alicia Nagel, Lindy Palella, Annie Thorn; Heritage Christian Academy, Kalamazoo
  2. “The Spanish American War”
    by: Olivia Calnin, Claire Houtman; Heritage Christian Academy, Kalamazoo


Youth Papers


Junior Papers

  1. "The Korean War: Conflict Suspended by Compromise" (National Finalist)
    by: Genevieve Kim; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. "Gerald Ford and the Grid Iron of Conflict and Compromise" (National Finalist - Best Entry in Michigan History - Sponsored by Meijer)
    by: Cassandra DeVries; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo
  3. "The Treaty of Versailles: Creating Compromise Between Conflicting Forces"
    by: Arden Hermann-Wilmarth; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo

Senior Papers

  1. “Robert Kennedy's Role in the Cuban Missile Crisis"
    by: John Mansfield; Lake Michigan Catholic, St. Joseph
  2. "Ignorance Is Not Innocence: The Chronic Conflicts and Compromises Surrounding Sex Education" (National Finalist)
    by: Elizabeth Stout; Gull Lake High School
  3. "Ronald Reagan's Role in the Destruction of the Berlin Wall"
    by: Sarah Jannings; Lake Michigan Catholic, St. Joseph



Youth Individual Performances

  1. “The Start of the NFL” (2nd Place)
    by: Sam Gagie; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Youth Group Performances

  1. “The 1970 Indo-Pak War, 30 Years Later” (1st Place - Best Entry in Use of Family History - Sponsored by the Michigan Genealogical Council)
    by: Ishwari Bhatt, Violet Kaplan-Neumann; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Henry Johnson and the Harlem Hellfighters: The Struggle to Serve During Segregation” (2nd Place - Best Entry in Use of Newspaper - Sponsored by the Clarke Historical Library)
    by: Elliott Anderson, Roan Borton, Andrew Curvelo, Payden Murray; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Individual Performances

  1. “The Deal, Devil, and Diary: The Treaty of Versailles Leads to the Rise of Hitler and the Holocaust Told Through the Voice of Anne Frank” (National Finalist)
    by: Ashley Woytol; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “The Hiroshima Bombing: A Story of Destruction Before Surrender” (National Finalist)
    by: Koa Suarez; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo
  3. “Amelia Earhart, Striving to Make a Difference"
    by: Lillian Shasky; Upton Middle School, St. Joseph

Junior Group Performances

  1. “This Little Light of Mine: The Legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer” (National Alternate)
    by: Sydney Bettis, Teagan Pleasant; Baseline Middle School, South Haven
  2. “Umgowa, Black Power”
    by: Anna Leach, Keith Porter, Kennedy Brooks, Jadin Wolfe; Ross Beatty Jr High School, Cassopolis
  3. “Nellie Bly: Deceiving, Defying, Empowering - One Article at a Time” (National Finalist)
    by: Elle Ahrens, Sloan Markin; Gagie School, Kalamazoo


Youth Individual Websites

  1. "Native American Relocation" (1st Place)
    by: Ellie Reeves; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. "Conscientious Objectors of WWII" (3rd Place)
    by: Mia Rummel; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. "Camp David Accords: Peace for the Middle East" (2nd Place)
    by: Kara Kerwin; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Youth Group Websites

  1. "The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire" (2nd Place)
    by: Abigail Sutton, Zara Pirbhai; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. "Henry Clay - A Life of Conflict and Compromise" (1st Place)
    by: Colin Hoenle, Liam Cohrs, Gavin Micallef; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. "New York City Draft Riots of 1863"
    by: Lauren Pernie, Delanie Allman, Lila Moliter, Georgie MacDougal, Cade Sutton; Gagie School, Kalamazoo

Junior Individual Websites

  1. "Nikola Tesla and The War of the Currents"
    by: Casey Murray; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  2. “Versailles Peace Treaty”
    by: Blake Chadwick; Gagie School, Kalamazoo
  3. “The 1982 Tylenol Murders”
    by: Jakob Diamond; Upton Middle School, St. Joseph

Junior Group Websites

  1. “Gerald R. Ford: Benching Compromise” (National Alternate)
    by: Josh Rose, Samuel DeVries, Charlie DeVries; Providence Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. “The Unifying Effect of Bob Marley”
    by: Elliot Russell, Gus Crothers; Kazoo School, Kalamazoo
  3. "Deflategate: Changing the Rules of Football"
    by: Jaclyn Cool, Madalyn Cleveland, Anna Webber; Upton MiddleSchool, St. Joseph

Senior Individual Websites

  1. "Conflict and Compromise in the Toledo War"
    by: Elena Taylor; Heritage Christian Academy, Kalamazoo
  2. "The Chernobyl Disaster"
    by: Kacey Ristow; Lake Michigan Catholic, St. Joseph
  3. "The Impossible Victory"
    by: Samuel Dykgraaf; Heritage Christian Academy, Kalamazoo

Senior Group Websites

  1. “The Panama Canal; Crossing Oceans to Reach a Compromise”
    by: Danielle Porter, Artwin Vermeulen; Heritage Christian, Kalamazoo
  2. "Iranian Hostage Crisis” (National Alternate)
    by: Victoria Minka, Jenna Bowker; Kalamazoo Central High School
  3. "Brown V. Board: A Conflict of Racism Needing a Compromise of Equality”
    by: Grace Dykgraaf, Alexis Norton; Heritage Christian Academy, Kalamazoo