The Department of History advisors at Western Michigan University work to support and enrich your academic experience by helping with curricular decisions and providing information and guidance on extracurricular options, career paths and post-graduate plans.

If you are in need of advising for history, contact Beth Cramer or click the button below.

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Advising for history majors and minors

Beginning fall semester 2020 for advising with both Essential Studies and history courses, declaring a gistory Major or Minor, and approvals to enroll in certain courses, students should consult with Beth Cramer, the history advisor, in the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office. You can schedule an appointment with her using the yellow "Book an Appointment" icon up above.

The Department of History also encourages students to reach out to any faculty member in the department with questions about individual areas of history, advice on choosing or changing different tracks of history majors (history major, secondary education major and public history) and how they would serve your career goals, information about applying to graduate schools and other matters. Visit our department directory and then click on the names of individual faculty members to view their areas of specialization.

The following faculty members in the department are serving as point persons to communicate with students about the following fields of history and direct you to other faculty members in other fields, or to assist with other issues:

Dr. David Benac (Public History, Environmental History)

Dr. Linda Borish (American Sport History, Gender, U.S. History)

Dr. José António Brandão (Early North American History, Canada, Native Americans)

Dr. Wilson Warren (Modern American History, Teacher Education, Food History)

Dr. Eli Rubin (Modern European History, World History)

Dr. James Palmitessa (Medieval and Early Modern European History, World History)

Dr. Takashi Yoshida (Japanese, Non-Western Histories, World History).

Contact these individuals directly by email with your questions or to schedule a phone call or video chat.

The Department of History office, located in 4301 Friedmann Hall, will be physically open for the following hours during the fall semester: Mondays, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Thursday, 1 to 5 p.m.; and by appointment. Phone (269) 387-4650 or email to our administrative assistant Amanda Willoughby or to the Department Chair, Linda Borish, to initiate an inquiry.

September 2020

Advising Handout Fall 2020

History majors and minors

Undergraduate history majors and minors are strongly encouraged to see an advisor for all questions, general and specific.

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Advising Hours for FALL 2020

If you are in need of advising for history, contact Beth Cramer or click the button below.

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Advising Handout Fall 2020